BCM International is a consortium of four composers who strive to create high-quality literature for all concert and educational mediums. While diverse in background and stylistic approach, we share a desire to enrich the repertoire with music unbound by traditional thought or idiomatic cliché.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

The BCM Forum moves on...

BCM International is shifting its focus and web presence. The four of us have become increasingly busy in our individual musical lives, and thus have no been able to focus on BCM-related activities for a while.

After recent discussions, we have decided to freeze the BCM Forum in its current form, so that if continues to serve as an archived reference for the many valuable, fascinating conversations and topics we've covered over the past 8 years. As of today, we will not be accepting new registrations or posts, and all topics will be locked - we unfortunately do not have the time or resources to manage and update the forum software, along with all the other behind-the-scenes administrative and technical responsibilities that go into maintaining a website. That being said, BCM is not going away - you can find us on our BCM Facebook community fan page, where we hope further discussions will blossom.

As always, you can find us each at our respective websites and social networking sites:
BCM International on Facebook

Eric Whitacre
Steven Bryant
Jonathan Newman
Jim Bonney

We owe a HUGE "thank-you" to the many, many people who have participated here over the past eight years. We wish you all the very best in your musical endeavors!

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